Hello! My name is Ella.

I am a sixteen year old Christian living in Atlanta, Georgia.

From the moment I was born into this world, chronic illness was already invading my body, and I still struggle with my health to this day. I am no stranger to excruciating pain and fatigue that keeps me from doing the things I love with my friends.

Nevertheless, I know that my times of struggle have only brought me closer to the One who treasures me and died a brutal death so that I may have eternal life.

I have two siblings and a rebellious little maltipoo named Gracie. I enjoy many things, such as playing and teaching piano and using my artistic skills. My real passion lies, however, in using my words, whether it be on this blog or in the books I hope to publish someday, to give glory to God.

I am still growing into the young woman that God wants me to be. Though the progress is slow, I know that God is faithful and is perfectly capable of doing His great work in me despite my many imperfections.

I am so excited that you have found this blog! I hope that it serves to be a great blessing to you as you navigate the teen years and discover God’s wonderful plan for your life.


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