About The Teenage Writer

The Teenage Writer is a mini blog that gives you an insider’s look on what it really means to be a young writer and aspiring author with chronic illness. Fiction (especially fantasy) has always been my first love, and always will be. Though I may not be publishing any books right now, this is a way for me to share my writing life with you– my victories and my successes. 

Not only that, but The Teenage Writer highlights the lives of other young writers through Teenage Writer Interviews. Each month features a different young writer as they answer questions on the challenges of being a teenager pursuing writing, the joys of writing, what inspires them, and so much more! Though the focus of The Teenage Writer is fiction writers, you will hear from some non-fiction writers as well.

This mini blog also includes: 

  • A peek into the crazy mind of a Christian fiction writer.
  • An insider’s look on what it’s like to write a book from start to finish, everything from brainstorming, to outlining, to writing the first draft, to revising, to editing. 
  • A front row seat to every blunder I make (hey, I’m new to this!).

The Teenage Writer puts up two posts a month. The first one is on the second Saturday of every month. It’s in this post where I’ll share with you what’s going on in my writing life and what my writing has taught me, not just about writing, but about God and the world. The second post is on the last Saturday of every month and will feature A Teenage Writer Interview.

The majority of the life of a writer isn’t made up of milestones. Most of life is made up of those little, everyday steps. It’s these everyday steps that The Teenage Writer will share with you.

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